Yoshiki Ohshima

Croquet Microverse


Computers are most useful when people can create instructions to scratch their own itches. The “instructions” here often mean “programs” but it can be any form of telling computers how to do things. However, the current form of programming tends to be more complicated for non-computer experts. If we have a collaborative environment where people can learn from each other in a fun way and make things together, that will improve the usefulness of computers. We draw upon the ideas from Dynabook and Hypercard and all other things about end-user programming and try to make a good environment.


I think the biggest thing is that the frameworks and languages we make are used by other folks, and then we can improve both sides of things together, learning from each other.

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Yoshiki is both a computer scientist and software engineer who has published dozens of academic papers. He has worked on creating new programming languages and environments, designing and implementing dynamic interactive systems and applications.

Mission: Democratize the metaverse by enabling users and developers to create and modify a world from within itself, all while interacting with other users.

Interests: Books, Family, history, some sports.


It may not be a single thing, but implementing ideas at the group led by Alan Kay.

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