New Release of the AI Guide

We’re excited to share with you the next iteration of the AI Guide, a Mozilla Innovation Project.

The AI Guide is an onboarding ramp into generative AI for developers and technical builders. Deploying this week are new exercises showing you how to run LLMs "locally" or offline. They are building off our recent release of llamafile. (Hint: come back on Thursday 14 Dec if you want to learn more about that.) The other new segment is on comparing open LLMs. Run through the exercises in the CoLab notebook and let us know what you think.

The AI Guide will be an evolving product and we want you to join us for the journey. Yes. We are looking for your help. Please join us by contributing your exciting open-source AI projects to the AI Guide. Your contributions may be included in our "Notable Projects" or in future modules. Either way it could help other builders learn.

To find these future topics, explore the updated guide and you will see a “contribute” button in the menu showing the types of projects we’re seeking, such as fine-tuning models, and audio and visual models. Part of our goal with this project is to provide a platform for impactful work that also contributes to a thriving open-source AI ecosystem. And to be clear: Mozilla will continue to curate and build out more materials for the AI Guide.

As we think about the future we want to see, where both builders and users have agency in the way they use and engage with technology, we feel the AI Guide and Mozilla AI Community we’re co-developing can help us all reach that goal together.