Innovation at Mozilla

An internet built on behalf of humanity

We're shaping a powerful new wave of innovation and transformation that enriches humanity — not just a handful of big companies.

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Step into the future with Mozilla’s Innovation Week

From Dec 11–15, 2023, experience our latest innovation projects, where AI isn’t just a concept – it’s a reality we’re crafting.

Follow along as we unveil a new facet of our AI journey daily, sharing insights and sparking conversations for a more open and responsible future.

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Our approach

People over profits

We're backed by a non-profit, which means we prioritize the interests of people first, not corporate profits. We aim to inspire like-minded innovators who share our vision for a better internet — whether we directly benefit from it or not.

Empowering community-driven innovation

We work as part of a larger ecosystem of builders dedicated to enabling people to create and choose technology that’s most meaningful to them. We believe the most groundbreaking innovations arise when people of diverse backgrounds — especially those who have been historically marginalized — come together to collaborate, share code and openly trade ideas.

Our Initiatives

Metaverse / XR

Mozilla Hubs is our fully open-source virtual world platform that runs right in your browser.

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Creation & user generated content

Exploring the future of content creation outside the gated walls of social media platforms and big tech.

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Responsible AI Challenge

Join us for the Mozilla Builders: Responsible AI Challenge and be part of creating a future where AI benefits humanity.

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Innovation ecosystem

The Mozilla Internet Ecosystem (MIECO) Program funds innovators building a healthier internet experience.

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