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We're shaping a powerful new wave of innovation and transformation that enriches humanity — not just a handful of big companies.

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Recent Initiatives

An illustration of a llama and a manilla folder, fused together in an Escher type abstract image.


Llamafile is an open source project that lets you distribute and run LLMs with a single file that is capable of running on six operating systems.

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An image of the Solo logo and wordmark.


Solo will instantly compose a beautiful website so you can grow your business.

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An illustration of an artist laying on the floor painting. Words in the background read; Dream, paint, create, hike, share, knit, learn, Did this.


Journal your progress on your hobby journeys with images, text, or links that are a snap to capture in the moment.

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An image of the Formulaic logo and workdmark on an abstract background design.


Quickly create and test your prompts against the most popular foundation and open source language models.

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People over profits

We're backed by a non-profit, which means we prioritize the interests of people first, not corporate profits. We aim to inspire like-minded innovators who share our vision for a better internet — whether we directly benefit from it or not.

An image looking up at a group of people in a circle holding their mobile phones, smiles all around.

Empowering community-driven innovation

We work as part of a larger ecosystem of builders dedicated to enabling people to create and choose technology that’s most meaningful to them. We believe the most groundbreaking innovations arise when people of diverse backgrounds — especially those who have been historically marginalized — come together to collaborate, share code and openly trade ideas.

A photo of a team collaborating around a whiteboard in a sunny office.