Innovation Week: Dec 11–15, 2023

Explore the Future of AI with Mozilla

Thank you for making Innovation Week a success!

We want to thank you for participating, providing feedback and sharing our activities and projects with your communities this week. Innovation Week was about more than showcasing our AI-driven projects — it was about creating space for sharing insights and engaging in critical discussions about building with generative AI. Your active involvement and thought-provoking contributions have been instrumental in enriching these conversations, underscoring the power of our community and the importance of working together to move the AI space forward.

Though Innovation Week has ended, the conversations and collaborations it sparked are just the beginning. AI is complicated and quickly evolving, meaning we have to come together to ensure we build the future we want to live in. We're excited to continue this journey with you. Stay tuned for what's next, and let's keep this spirit of innovation and community thriving.

Stay tuned

Live Chat: Transparency & Safety in AI

Friday, Dec 15

To end the week, we’re excited to host a live discussion around some of the biggest challenges in the AI space.

Come share your thoughts as we gather builders from our Mozilla Innovation Team and Mozilla’s Trustworthy AI Fellowship Program to talk about the tradeoffs and implications of transparency and safety in AI. Go back to watch the discussion here.

As an added bonus, check out our recap video here, where we share a sneak peek of another exciting project our team is working on.

A white letter M inside a neon-yellow lightbulb icon, all laid on a monochrome illustration of abstract 3D cuboids

llamafile: Revolutionizing Chatbot Technology

Thursday, Dec 14

Discover llamafile, our open-source project that delivers an AI chatbot solution in a single file. It's not just an innovation — it's a strategy, leveraging local AI to enhance accessibility and equity in AI across platforms. Experience how llamafile sets a new standard in AI integration and application.

Learn more about llamafile on our blog, and check out the replay of one of our Product Leads answering questions from the community around the llamafile project. Before then, check out this video on some of our other early product explorations.

The llamafile project logo: a monochrome drawing of the neck and head of a llama on the side of a cardboard slip file. Background is a purple-to-pink gradient

Solo: Your AI-Driven Website Builder

Wednesday, Dec 13

Meet Solo, our AI-powered website builder designed specifically for solo entrepreneurs. In today's digital world, a website is more than just an online presence — it's a crucial driver for business growth. Solo understands this and simplifies the process. With just a few clicks, create a personalized, professional-looking website that truly represents your business.

Learn more about Solo on our blog. Plus, watch the replay of the builders discussing how they built Solo to gain insight into AI-driven development and how it shapes user-centric web solutions.

The Solo project logo: an illustration of a small rocket leaving a trail through the word Solo as it flies up through the clouds into the stars

MemoryCache: Your Personal AI Agent

Tuesday, Dec 12

Meet MemoryCache, your privacy-focused, personalized AI assistant. It transforms your local machine into a smart AI agent that 'learns as you learn', offering unique insights based on your browsing history and documents. Step into a new era of personalized AI research and discovery, where you’re in control of the agent experience.

Learn more about MemoryCache on our blog. As a bonus, join one of Mozilla’s innovation engineers on our AI Discord at 9am PST (Dec 12) as he discusses the main pain points of building with AI.

The MemoryCache logo: a scribbled series of overlapping black circles beside the wordmark 'MemoryCache'

Empowering Developers: AI Guide

Monday, Dec 11

Dive into the latest on our AI Guide, a collaborative tool built to onboard developers into the AI space. This is more than a learning resource; it's a commitment to transparent and community-driven innovation in AI development.

Learn more about the AI Guide on our blog. To continue the conversation, watch the replay of one of our Innovation Design Technologist as he discusses his learnings from prototyping with AI and how you can build with us in the AI Guide.

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